Top 3 DIY Brand Strategies For the DIY Entrepreneur!

Admit it. You’ve looked at other sites and wondered, “How did they get it to look like that!”

It’s time to stop the website jealousy!

Although many businesses use a professional designer to create their logos and other business visuals, you can still get that same stylish look by keeping a few things in mind:

1. Don’t overdo it on color. Ever seen a 2-year-old with a box of crayons? They will scribble everywhere, in any color, determined to use up every last piece of white space on the paper. Usually, the end result is a half-wrinkled paper covered in every single color.

Although this is cute when it comes to kids, it’s a big no-no for brands!

The perfect brand only has one dominant color, and a max of 4 or 5 supporting colors. Out of these 6 total colors, you’ll often end up using just 2 of them. One in the dominant role and the other as a supporting color. Gold and silver count as an accent, not a color.

Keeping to this maximum of colors as well as dominant/subdominant roles will allow your brand to look more cohesive, well thought out, and branded professionally.

2. Keep the clutter down when it comes to your site and any graphics representing your company. Similar to that of a teenage girl’s bedroom, your target market will be confused about what it is you’re selling and what you want them to do!

Social media graphics need only a headline and a call to action. Here’s where you can entice your audience to click to your site, not tell them about your childhood.

Once on your site, you don’t want anyone to feel confused about what you do or how to contact you! Keep things to a minimum and increase white space (see tip number 3). Each page should have only 2 goals. The first could be to get your audience on a call with you and the second can be to have them sign up for a freebie.

Ask yourself: “Does this help me reach my goals of XYZ?” If the answer is a “maybe” or “no” delete it.

3. Use white space! This last tip goes hand-in-hand with number 2. Avoid the amateur look by adding spacing between paragraphs, headlines, images, and full sections of the webpage. Just like the amazing homes in your Pinterest boards, take out anything that’s unnecessary or not serving a powerful purpose and don’t be afraid of semi-empty space!

On the graphic below, I show you an extreme version of clutter and the lack of white space the image on the right has (the highlighted green is the space) while the site on the left is clean, easy to read, and very professional. And it has to do with whitespace.

comparison of two sites and their use of white space

Color, clutter and whitespace. 3 valuable things to keep in mind when you’re DIYing your website and brand. Need more branding help? Join me at the Kickass Lady Bosses group and post your website along with any Qs for me! Chat soon.

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