Audit is a very scary word. It’s tied to finding things that are wrong and then being punished into fixing them. A website audit can be just as frightening. In theory though, it’s really simple, since you just have to go through your site and make a record of anything that is wrong, out of place, or broken. From images not displaying to links that are broken. Feel free to download the PDF with the website audit sheet. I use this sheet with clients in order for us to find the things that must be changed on their site.

Things You’ll Need

  • Your printed website audit worksheet
  • A pen or pencil
  • Lots of time
  • A second pair of eyes

Take a high level approach first.

Let’s pretend you have a small site with a blog. The first thing you should do is check the main pages. The home and contact pages are the most important. One is the first impression and the latter should be clear as to the preferred method of contact. Jot down anything that seems out of place. Are there missing images? Are there broken links? Is the intent of the page clear and do you use at least one call to action?

Dig a bit deeper into your site.

Are you using clean and descriptive URL’s or are they just auto generated numbers? Jot theseAre the title tags optimized and unique. Look for pages that are missing titles and meta descriptions, and make sure they use clean URLs that are descriptive.  Check for things like duplicate content and images that need to be optimized.

Check additional landing pages.

These can either be high traffic pages or ones that you plan on linking to via marketing campaigns. Are they easy to read? Is the content accurate to the name of the page? Do you have any call to action?

In addition to a general website audit, you can also do a content audit. This helps you check if the information you’re putting out on the web is  maintaining a consistent message. Want something geared more towards SEO? Start going through Google Analytics and seeing which pages have been indexed, do a site: search and review the number of organic pages, and so on.

The sheet that’s available for download will help you organize your thoughts and assist in prioritizing your website to do list. Stay tuned for a branding checklist! Let us know if you need any help or if you need a better explanation on performing a site audit. Remember to share this audit sheet with other entrepreneurs. Want more tips on branding, websites, or business tips? Join our mailing list!

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