Today I’m going to talk to you about Color schemes and how you can easily choose a color scheme for your brand.

You’ll get a few tips on how to choose your color scheme in an easy way to make it so that it’s not confusing and so that you choose it with purpose, not just out of thin air, and making sure that it will work with your website and business.

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There are 3 things you need to think about when choosing your color scheme:

1. Yourself: If your branding yourself like a coach or if you are the face of the company and you’ll be putting yourself out there, then you should also consider what you like.

2. Your audience: What does your audience expect from you, what colors resonate with them or with the field that you are in. What kind of colors will your audience and target market expect from you?

3. Your field: You’re going to have to know your field and research what other people in your field are doing and what kind of colors they are using.


These are the 3 important things to know when creating your color scheme and making sure that it resonates with you and that you love it. Because it’s no use if you don’t love it.

Here are the 3 Steps:

Step 1 – Research

The three things that I mentioned above you’ll need to research them: look at your competition and the field that you are in and research what your competition and others in your field are using.

Then research your target market, you’re going to research the dreamiest of dream clients. Think about what colors they like and grab their attention and what they’re looking for.

And then finally research yourself and see what colors you are drawn to.

The reason why you research yourself last is because you can’t go in with a bias towards the colors you like, if you research yourself first you might ignore what the target market and the competition are telling you that works for your field.

How do you research yourself?
It’s a little harder than looking at others. So ask people you know personally what color do they think of when they think of you, and what color is your personality, or what color do they see you wearing the most.

Step 2 – Pinterest

After you’ve done your research you’ll want to start a Pinterest board.

Pinterest is the easiest way to create color schemes because it’s already on your phone and on the web and you have access to all these amazing images.

Make a new board and start pinning colors and color schemes that resonate with you.

Then you can either create a new board and pick 5 that really resonate with you and move them, or you can start removing the ones you don’t what to keep so you can focus and make your the decision easier.

Pick 5 and then leave it alone for about a week so that you can settle down with it and think about it.

Step 3 – Pick it

Then after a week of resting and thinking about it, and taking in all you learned from your research pick the color scheme you’ll use from your top 5.

Then you’ll need to refine it and get the color codes for that color scheme. You can always search for adobe color picker to get your color codes.


Now that you have your color codes you are all set to start adding the colors to your site.

You should choose a main color and a secondary color no more. If you have any more colors you can use them as assisting colors and only add them to your site every so often. This will help your site look polished and professional.

The main color should be used 80% of the time, for headers, call to actions, logos and all the main parts of your site. And the secondary color 10 to 15% of the time and leave the rest for your assisting colors if you have them to use here and there.

And that’s it! Have fun creating your brand colors! And don’t forget to pick up my 5 DIY Website Mistakes List

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