I’m on a constant prowl for websites breaking the norm. Today’s review was found on CSS Design Awards and is a great inspiration piece if you want movement on your site.

website review

Revista Baccala shows exactly what it’s like to add animation, or movement to a site without detracting from the main message.

When you first land on the website, it’s dull. I actually almost closed out of it. I don’t like the lack of indication that there’s more content below the fold (aka, below the bottom of the browser window). The hero shot isn’t enticing. I really didn’t want to scroll.

Fortunately, I did and was excited to see the movement of the fish, color overlays, and text effects on the page.

website review

Why this page works: it’s well branded and not going overboard with the transitions of color or movement. Instead of GIFs or videos, they chose to use the code to push their page forward.

You’re kept engaged by the photography and the content. Subtly in movement is what makes this page great.

website review

What would I change? The hero image. How many people have landed on that page and thought, “eh, kind of boring…”
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