In this review, I look through my friend Tabitha’s site. I go over website organization, color use on headlines, and why the site feels cold (and a tad bit corporate). Feel free to click here and watch the video, or, read on for my quick and dirty summary!

Tabitha Pedroza Website Review


Here’s the top 3 takeaways from her site:

1. She’s not adding enough personality to the website!

Think about it, she’s an awesome chick who knows her tech and gives amazing value but her site doesn’t really capture that. As I mentioned in the video, she’s the face of the company so she needs to add some images, personal notes of struggle and transformation, as well as tying it all to her offering.

2. Red on Black

I love red. Similar to navy blue, it shows power and resilience but it also adds PASSION! I also LOVE her use of it on headlines and borders. The one thing I wasn’t keen on was the red text on black.

It’s just not accessible to those with a vision impairment! The contrast is too close. My suggestion was to just make those headlines (the ones on black) white. It’ll pop it right off the page!

3. Think about the bottom of your website.

A lot of DIY bosses tend to forget the bottom of their website. At the end of each page, have a call to action that links to a discovery call, a freebie, or a link to email you. Below that, the section is called the footer and you should a use it for social media, freebies, and links to only the most important pages or blog posts (that will then sell you on something).

There you have it! Comment below if you have any questions.

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