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Hey there boss!

Get ready for another installment of website reviews!

In this review, I look through Tara’s website. She’s a fitness guru over at Tara B. Fitness! In the video, I go over website organization, color, and why the heck you NEED a sales page.

Watch the video, or read on for my quick and dirty summary!

Here’s the top 3 takeaways from her site:

1. The colors are all over the place.

Keep your colors to no more than 2 or 3 and designate a use for them. For example, color 1 will be used for headlines while color 2 is for small details or links.

2. The main image.

Keep your hero image (a.k.a. top portion of your website) flowing right by not constricting it’s height too much. See Tara’s homepage, where the opt-in is squishing her image down?

Instead, she can let her image take up more space and move the opt-in to one side of it.

3. Have separate sales pages!

Tara has pop-ups for her packages. In theory, this is a nice tech touch but a really bad call for marketing. What happens when you need to send someone directly to one package? They get distracted!

Instead, have separate pages for each of the packages. Easy-peasy.

There you have it! Let me know if you have any questions.

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