what makes a logo great

Which of these do you believe? Logos can be the symbol of everything your company stands for OR just an extra graphic checked off your list. It could also be something created so that you can prove to people you’re really a business.

Hopefully, you’re in the group that holds logos sacred to a company’s visual brand.

But why do some companies spend thousands of dollars on one little, almost insignificant graphic? A logo makes you look like a real business. It establishes you as serious about what you’re offering and less likely to disappear in 3 months. A logo also becomes the recognizable symbol that your customers will look for and potential clients will gravitate towards.

So what makes a logo great?

Simplicity is key number one to a great logo. Yes, you could add shadows, glows, 5 different font styles, and all the colors of the rainbow, but what will keep your logo timeless is stripping down to the basic message. The simpler the logo, the easier it is for your potential clients to get the feel and statement you want to make.

A logo should represent you and your business. It needs to fit like a glove. If you’re a company that sells hair accessories to badass punk ladies, your logo better match it. One note though, don’t literally put what you sell on the logo. Just because you sell tacos, it doesn’t mean you need to show a taco on your logo. Think Nike, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks. These companies don’t have the literal product they sell on their logo. This allows for a timeless, classic, and recognizable look.

Keep your logo versatile. When building websites, I often get logos from clients that would never fit typical proportions of a site. There’s also rarely an alternative logo given for fitting things like social media profiles, etc.

A great logo will be easy to use in color, black on white (or reversed), the size of a penny, or on a billboard. If not, a great designer will be able to reformat it to fit horizontal, vertical, or square applications.

A logo isn’t just something to check off your list in order to show people you’re a real business. It’s also not a graphic that you can simply throw around or change. Your logo is the recognizable icon that helps define who you are and what your business stands for.

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