5 tips for an amazing coming soon page

Coming soon pages are essential when you’re working on your site.

You don’t want everyone to see the “dust” but you still need those leads to bite.

Want to add on to the basics? Here’s 5 ways to take your coming soon page to the next level.

1. Add an intro video.

Hands-down video is a ton more engaging than plain old copy or static images. There’s 3 different ways you can attack this:

The welcome video – this is a general overview filled with happiness and joy. It talks about your company and what you do in general terms.

The product/service video – this is where you can talk about what it’s like to work with you or about your new product.

Tips – this one is all about providing immediate value to your site visitors. It should pertain to what you do and you can even make this into a mini series.

The about video – this is where your team and you can be yourselves and show behind the scene shots, personality, and let visitors get to know who the people in your company are.

2. Simplify the copy.

Your text shouldn’t be too wordy or jargon heavy. A few things your copy should hit are:

What makes you different.

Why people should follow you (showing them the value they get from following you).

A concise testimonial – if available.

3. Use a timer (aka: countdown)

This is especially great for product-based businesses or if you’re holding an event (virtual or in-person). Just make sure it’s accurate and you can keep up with the date!

4. Beef up your opt-in.

Look through the headlines and CTAs used in your email opt-in and add a little punch to it instead of just the typical “Download Now”.

A few things found around the web:

Get Access To My 100 Tips For Increasing Conversions

Join Hundreds of Other Professionals

Get My SEO Secrets

In my opinion, the shorter the better but you can always test the CTAs and see how they convert.

5. Give up some goodies.

Create a mini version of your product or service. For example, if you’re a health coach, give a 20 minute free consult to the first few people that sign up. If you’re selling makeup, give out free samples.

The coming soon page can be so much more than just a message about your site being under construction. Make it work for you by adding branded videos and freebies to build up momentum!

Questions? Sign up for a FREE consult where we can go over your coming soon page strategy and give you a few pointers. Chat soon!

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