why branding matters

Before I go into my tirade of why branding matters, you need to understand what the hell it is I’m talking about. And it’s not a pretty logo.

Branding is everything.

There, I’m done.

But just in case you need to dive deeper:

Branding is everything about your business. It’s the well designed website, the marketing pieces, and the logo. It’s how you treat your employees and in turn, how they treat your clients.

Branding is that warm fuzzy feeling (or in some cases, the urge to throw up) that former clients get when they think of your business. Branding is even how well dressed you show up to a client meeting.

Branding = The Experience

And why should it matter? Why should anyone care that your website looks like something from the late 90’s? Or that a five year old could have designed a better logo?

Who cares if your employees aren’t creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your clients or that your store sign is practically falling apart.

Here’s a few ways that branding can help you up-level your business, following, and cash flow.

1. You’ll look like you give a damn. If you care enough about the appearance of your website, freebies, and yourself, then you’re bound to care about your clients.

2. You’ll be recognizable. A properly branded business will be easy to spot among the competitors who thought those “details” were not important enough.

3. A strong brand means you’ll stand out from the competition and clients will know what to expect from you, your staff, and your business.

4. A great brand provides your staff the motivation to work and the “why” behind the profits. They won’t just be robots with glazed eyes. They’ll understand the mission and be just as excited as you are.

5. Referrals are perfect for a business. They are qualified leads and the sales pitch is already halfway done. An well-branded business will get you kickass referral system.

Remember: You have a brand, whether you like it or not. Why not shape it into something amazing?

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