Do you brand everything you post on social media?

Social media can sometimes feel unorganized, like a Black Friday free for all where people get trampled and you often end up in a pit of regret. It can also be glorious – like a kids party that has margaritas and ear plugs for the parents.

One way to wrangle your social media together is by making sure you’re consistent – not only in the type of content you post, but the way your images look.

I recently got a chance to help out The Diva Movement with their Women’s Wealth and Wellness Expo. I created the package of social media images that look like it’s part of a set.

I started by choosing a background that would add a bit of pattern or texture without distracting from text. As you can see, it’s a subtle pattern, light, and airy.

Colors where grabbed from the logo provided to me. I set white text (typically hard to read on mobile) on a darker green to support in readability.

One note: I avoided the yellow in the logo because it’ll become hard to read on white. I also avoided orange. Being that we’re in Autumn at the time of this posting, it would look a bit as if the event were in Fall.

Fonts used on social media images were kept to 2, more than that and it would have looked cluttered and indecisive.

Here’s a rundown of what to keep in mind when designing your social media images:

1. They’re not looking at your image because you’ve got your logo on it. They’re looking at it because it stands out from the rest. Keep your own logo smaller and stay on message.

2. Keep text to a minimum. Yes – we all want to stick in as much information as we can, but truthfully, that will make your images look cluttered and it’ll be hard to get the point across.

3. Keep colors to a minimum. You don’t want to look like a clown. Instead, write down the color code for 2 colors that go well with your brand and sprinkle them across.

Here’s an article about color >

4. Keep font styles to 2 max. The post will be small and on a phone. Choose fonts that fit your brand but are still easy to read. Click here for an article on fonts >

Looking to get your social media package created? Email me directly at and ask for a free review of your graphics and brand!


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