Why you do and don't need a logo!

“Do I really need to have a logo?”

That’s a question I hear a lot when doing my one-on-one chats with clients. The answer yes, no, and eventually you will. Let me explain.

You do need a logo when you’ve tested your business idea and are committed to making it work. For example, you’ve been in business for 3 months, got your 2nd client, and are building up an email list. Yes, it’s time to have a logo.

Depending on your financial circumstances, it’s always great to hit the ground running with a logo BUT you really should have one by the time you realize your business is taking off.

When do you NOT need a logo?

When you’ve just decided to start the business but still need to check off target market analysis on your list.

The worse thing you can do is pay for, or create your own, logo, only to have to redesign it every 3 months because it’s not appealing to your audience.

A logo gets to be started when:

You have a mood board.

You’ve chosen a color scheme.

You’ve chosen fonts.

Does it add credibility to your business if you have one? Hell, yes! You look serious about what you’d like to accomplish with your business and your clients will see you at legit!

So, what did I mean by “eventually you will?” If you decide to start your business and get a few clients to the door by hustling in person and really just want to see if the service will sell, hold off.

The second-worse thing you could do is pay for a second-rate template logo only to realize that you’ve shifted something in your business and it’s unusable. You now have to pay more for another one.

My ultimate recommendation if you don’t have the funds for an official designer: Take a branding or logo design course online and attempt to do it yourself the first time. This will keep you close to the creative, make sure it’s aligned with your personality, and just keep the graphics simple.

That first logo can live throughout your first year of business or until you’re ready to hire your first designer.

Want more help with branding and logo creation? Check out my e-course or comment below!

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