why you need a powerful logo

Although I’ll be explaining why you need a kickass logo, keep in mind that you really don’t. It’s true, if you just want to just get by, look like a fly-by-night business, or get only clients looking to score a discount or freebie, go ahead and get that cheap (and cheap looking) logo.

Only a few businesses have a great logo and in my personal experience, a max of 10%. The rest of the small businesses that I come across have logos that they created themselves (and it’s obvious), had their cousin’s friend’s little sister do it, or worse, decided on the person who bid the lowest.

Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean your branding should look sad and pitiful. BECAUSE you’re a small business you need to look your best, show that you care about professionalism, and start creating the strong brand experience your customers will pay for.

Here’s just 3, of dozens, reasons why you need an amazing logo:

1. You need a great logo to help visually cement your business brand into people’s minds. The perfect logo can be used in various applications, marketing pieces, and even your products so that when people think of your services, they think of YOU and vice versa. When they see your logo, they think of your services.

2. An awesome logo will come backed up with research into your personality, your client’s, and your current competition. Let’s say your logo uses red, green, and black. What’s the reasoning behind it? Does it stand out among the competitors? Did you decide on that because research showed that clients thought it made you stronger? Or is it just because you thought it looked “pretty.”

3. A great logo should have variations for different applications. When working with a designer, make sure that you get versions that are square, horizontal and then the original (whichever that may be). Why? Because you need to be able to use your logo in various formats and social media outlets. You wouldn’t want an unreadable logo on your Facebook profile would you?

Bonus: Would you sell a product that isn’t branded to you? The answer is no! How will people remember who they got the item from? How will they connect the product back to you in 6 weeks or 6 months? And, most importantly, how can they spread the word about you when they can’t even remember you?

A kickass logo can help brand your small business when you’re on a budget. Used on products, marketing materials, or freebies, you’ll start creating a cohesive brand experience that will only help your small business flourish.

Are you currently working with a designer and need to give feedback? Here’s a recent post on how to do just that (plus a freebie)!

Feeling kind of lost? Not sure if the logo you have is strong enough to stand the test of time? No problem, darling. Hop on to a free discovery call and we’ll get you the answers you’re looking for.

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