why you need a great website

First you wait for the site to load, then you see blurry images, a crazy number of unreadable fonts, and a sensation that this is just like one of those old “moody” 13 year-old’s myspace page.

What about a website that you can’t access on your phone. You have to zoom in, zoom out, click on buttons that are super tiny because the site isn’t mobile friendly. Me? I close out of the site and go back to Facebook stalking people.

It’s true, about me closing out AND about stalking people. #noshame

Why do you need a professionally designed site? Because it’s the on-call salesperson when you’re not available. It’s the front exterior of the house you’re thinking about buying.

It’s the FIRST IMPRESSION your business has on others, and often, the only impression.

Here’s a few ways an amazing site can help you create a money-making brand and business.

1. Your website will most likely be the place you send all your followers to. It’s the place your sales and landing pages will be. It’s where you’ll be able to make the pitch for people to buy. So why have a site that looks like it just rolled out of bed?

Imagine going to a client meeting to try and sell your packages. You arrive with a stained shirt, your pants have holes, and you’re wearing stripper heels from last night. Did you at least put your hair up? Not likely.

A website is the same thing. Have a website that’s filled with personality while showing how you’re the go-to expert in your field? Your client will not only be impressed, but will want to buy in.

2. A professional website will always be clear as to what specialty YOU offer. Imagine being evasive as to what you do. Unless your business is of the illegal kind, you should clearly state what you do, how you do it, and why you’re the best.

There’s a number of sites I’ve been on that look like the designer (or best friend’s kid) knew nothing about the actual owner. They literally copy and pasted from other sites and it ends up sounding bland, confusing, and there’s a whole lot of “Wait… What do I get if I work with you?”

3. People got to your site because they either saw your amazing advertisement, they met you online or in-person, or someone told them about you. So they’re at least a little invested.

Why waste that small bit of trust by having a site that disappoints! A great branding and web designer will be able to guide you in creating content that will attract, arrange it so that it’s appealing, and help you buy!

Time for another analogy: Your website is your store. Would you keep the inside dirty, unorganized, and a maze of makeshift shelves with random objects? Hell no. Both because it’s not going to make you a sale and the city health inspector might come knocking!

Are you not sure your site is helping create the BEST FIRST IMPRESSION your clients have seen? Maybe you’re looking for a second opinion? That’s totally cool. Schedule a free call and we’ll give you the answers you’re looking for!

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