How to use testimonials on your website!

Testimonials are AMAZING for websites!

They provide the proof that you’re the expert at what you do and why people should hire you. The problem is that most business owners don’t know how to leverage them on a website.

A great testimonial consists of about 2 to 3 sentences speaking about a transformation that your service caused or a problem that it solved. It doesn’t speak to your personality (although I’m sure you’re a lovely person) because if I’m having a problem with XYZ, I don’t care if you’re the sweetest girl in all of Ohio.

A testimonial should also include a name, and, depending on your offering, the title of that person in their business. Just don’t link to their company because you want to link out of your site as little as possible (it causes a distraction). Finally, a big plus is the person’s headshot!

There’s 2 things you could be doing wrong with testimonials:

1. You don’t even have them on your site! This is the number one thing that clients do wrong when they get testimonials. They simply read them, thank the person who wrote it, and then forget about this amazing content. Don’t do that!

There’s nothing that will help you gain the trust of new clients like a testimonial!

2. You’re putting them all on one page. At least you have it in there somewhere, right? Sure, but that’s a lot of work for a website visitor.

Imagine a new person on your site who has never heard of you until they clicked your Instagram image. They won’t be spending all day looking through your site and then reading through a page full of testimonials!

Here’s how to leverage your testimonials:

1. Collect all your testimonials with images and the author’s information on either the same document, notebook, etc.

2. Look at your site and establish which areas are in need of boost in proof. Look for areas where your copy speaks to your expertise or areas close to a call to action. At the very least, I always suggest adding testimonials on your sales pages. These are the pages that get to convince others of why they should buy your product or service, perfect for adding a testimonial!

How many testimonials should you use? That really depends on where you’re thinking of adding them and how important the page is. For example: the higher the price of the service, the more likely you’ll need proof to convince potential customers.

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