Why you need to declutter your navigation!

What’s one of the biggest, and simplest to fix, mistakes that service-based entrepreneurs make on their site?

A cluttered navigation.

I get it. You’re an amazing person who does LOTS of awesome things and you want to make sure the people who land on your site know about them. What if they miss that you’re not only a coach but a speaker?!

BUT your website’s navigation isn’t a catch all drawer.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should declutter your site menu.

1. You’re giving your user too many choices.

Restrict it to about 4 to 6 items. Too many options means you’re overwhelming the user (and yourself).

Think of who is coming to your website. If it’s someone who is brand new to you, what would their goal be? Would they bother buying immediately from you or would they want to get to know you first?

2. Your sales funnel strategy needs work.

This ties into number 1. If you don’t know what your sales funnel is, you’re navigation will show it. Typically, those visiting your site are looking for information on you and your services. You should have a way to get them to come back or get their information.

Sales funnel example:

The sales funnel can start with a blog post seen on social media. This will drive visitors to your site. Then an email opt-in freebie is used to get their info. You can then continue to send emails to introduce the company and why you’re the expert in your field. Finally, you seal the deal with a call to action to an entry level service.

3. You’re not Amazon but you’re amazing.

You might be wondering how sites like Amazon can get away with having a large navigation menu. It’s all about trust. Their brand has cultivated enough trust and awareness that when you need a new pair of headphones or something delivered in 2 hours, you’ll got on their site and search for it.

Often, people go to sites like Amazon in search of something specific, not to browse (in the same way you don’t go to the grocery store because you’re bored). The user simply searches for the item or the general “headphones” to get to the end-goal.

As a service based business, you’re likely smaller than Amazon and need to build that trust. You’re also probably excelling at your main “bread and butter” service – so push that instead of all the miscellaneous items.

Keep in mind:

Decluttering your navigation doesn’t mean you delete all other pages or content. You can still link to them via other links. For example, your a-la-cart services could be linked to from halfway or the bottom of the main “bread and butter” service page. You can utilize the side bar on your blog or the footer for links as well.

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