Biz Tip - Why your business needs a website

What’s one of the first things you need to do when starting a business? It’s up there with your business plan and getting a tax ID.

Increasing your online presence.

According to ADWEEK, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying! So yes, increasing your online presence is extremely important but before you start creating 20 different social media accounts, think about developing your website.

Unlike a social media account, you can get great data about who is visiting and the content they love from your site. With a social media account, you only get access to the information that company wants you to have. If the social media platform falters, you’ll lose that following and have to start from scratch instead of already having a collection of emails captured on your site.

Here’s 5 more reasons you need to have a website:

You have control of what you put out. With your own website, you’ll stop relying on other companies to tell YOUR story. This is how you’ll control what other people find about you.

Sell on your site instead of relying on your clients to buy from a different website – which is not only annoying, but can leave the user to wonder if they can trust you. Imagine your site visitor clicking on your $40 e-book only to be rerouted to another website that doesn’t match your branding or even taglines. Off Putting, don’t you think?

Look like a credible business. If you were to open up a pizza restaurant and had no signage or weren’t even located on a map, do you think many people would try to venture in? The same thing happens with a website. Not having a site or having a poorly designed site makes your business seem like a sleazy back-alley business. It makes you look legit.

Start blogging. Not only will your blog increase SEO juices, it’ll also show how you’re an expert in your field. Each time google indexes your site, you get a jump and the visitors coming only to read your blog could potentially become clients.

Have a home base. Each time you get interviewed or featured, you can link back to your website and increase the chances of those finding your valuable content. When you send your followers to a website instead of a social media platform, they won’t have a chance to get distracted and forget about you.

No matter what your goal is for your website, it’s important to start one as soon as (or before) you open your business. It’s where you can send potential customers for your launch party, get their email addresses, and have them purchase from you – all while building your rapport as an expert in your field!

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