Why Your Site Needs A Back To Top Button!

Back-to-top buttons – the ones that follow you as you scroll down – are one of the most essential pieces for a website (especially product-filled e-commerce sites).

Have you ever been on your phone and thought about some piece of content, either a product or a paragraph you want to re-read. Now, the scrolling starts. And you scroll. You keep scrolling up until it’s more of a frenzy or some crazy video game where the faster you can scroll up the more points you get!

Sites that make you scroll back up like a crazed person who just spotted a 90% off sale on chocolate the day after Valentine’s Day are the ones that need a back-to-top button.

Here’s just 3 reasons why you NEED one now.

1. It’s easier for the user to navigate your site.

This is kind of an obvious one but some folks don’t even realize that they’re using the back-to-top feature. Myself included!

Imagine that you have a really long site or launch page and that your user is scrolling and taking a look at all the amazing content that your designer *cough* me *cough* (just kidding…) created.

Then, imagine them wanting to email you via the contact page for some reason. Or perhaps they want to visit your office. Great!

Now they have to scroll all the way back up. It’s worse if they’re on their phone! Imagine all that content stacked up and then scrolling back up from the bottom.

A back-to-top button would follow them as they scroll down and they can easily go back to the top with one click. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

2. It’s faster to add a back to top button versus creating a secondary bottom menu.

On my site (as of 2017) I don’t yet have a desktop back-to-top button – I’ve been busy creating awesome site like the one for Ashley Kaylor. I do have an anchor tag towards the bottom of the page. Any designer should be able to add this to your site.

It’s a simple link that send the user back to the top of the page. This is useful if you need to spend your developer dollars wisely and would rather have something else implemented at a later time.

3. Sticky navs can take up space.

If you’re just using an out of the box sticky nav, that means you’re likely wasting space, especially on your mobile site. Great sticky navs (the navigation menus that stay at the top of the screen) are simplified versions compared to the one right at the top.

For example, your logo might become a small icon and your menu would be reduced to 3 main items such as home, services, and contact pages.

If your sticky nav is taking up too much space on your phone, just consider a small back-to-top button – less obtrusive to your content.

Want more info on back-to-top options for your website? Sign up for a FREE call. No promo, just get all your questions answered – or we can talk about fave beverages, up to you.

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