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With great power, comes great responsibility.

[Cue ominous branding music]

Sorry, couldn’t help it! But it’s a perfect way to describe the importance of a well-balanced color scheme. Often, potential clients will come to me asking why their site or marketing piece doesn’t look “like everyone else’s” and it’s often the overuse of their brand color.

Let’s take it from the beginning. You’ve started your visual branding and have 2 amazing colors balanced by a sweet looking accent. And a few months later, you realize your website and marketing pieces look amateurish and cheap.

Your brand looks like it belongs to Jackson Pollock, and NOT in a good way.

You over did it, darling.

Here’s 2 signs you’re colors aren’t balanced:

1. There’s a fight for dominance. Whether it’s one color or 5, if you can’t quickly glance and tell which one’s in charge, you’re in need of help.

2. If you’re main color is over-powering. Similar to eating your favorite dish so often that you get sick and tired of it, your brand color(s) are the same way. Let’s take your website for example. Quickly glance over it and then ask yourself: What percentage of the site is your brand color? If it’s more than 45%, girl, you’re overdoing it.

So how do you remedy this color situation?

Here’s the number one thing I tell clients to remember:

Keep it between 80/20 or 60/40

Yes, it’s short. Yes, it’s simple. And, yes, it’ll change your brand.

For those that have one main color:

80% of your colors should be neutral while the rest should be everything else. This is a great rule to follow when you’re updating site images, headlines, and marketing pieces.

For those that have more than one color: choose which one is your main squeeze. Yup, in this case, you can totally have a side-piece but you need to stay true to your main color.

The ratio should be: 60% blank canvas, 30% main color, and the final 10% for your side-pieces.

This creates a perfectly readable and totally non-clown looking website or piece. Follow these ratios to create marketing pieces, opt-in boxes, landing pages and anything else your business needs.

Still confused? Need to me to take a quick look? Sign up for a free discovery call and we’ll get those colors in check.

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